End of the Road Half Marathon

End of the Road Half Marathon
Event Date: Oct 26, 2019
Waterfall, PA
Email: rich@triviumracing.com
Phone: (313) 304-0903
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Now in its third year, hundreds of athletes have come from all over the US to try out this unique event! Come on out to the third edition of this great race and run on the old abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike! You may remember from the 2009 apocalyptic movie “The Road.” This stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was bypassed in 1968, leaving 2 tunnels and miles of road untouched by traffic for nearly 50 years! If you run the half marathon, you will get an opportunity to spend 5 miles of your race underground in the old tunnels! Trivium has partnered with the Southern Allegheny Conservancy in order to raise funds to develop this abandoned road into a greenway so that runners and bikers can enjoy the route for years to come. For those interested in The Marathon: We are working on bringing it back for 2019, but until we have a course we will not accept registrations. Stay tuned!

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