Summer Trailfest Ultra and Half Marathon

Summer Trailfest Ultra and Half Marathon
Event Date: Jun 20, 2021
Laingsburg, MI
Phone: (517) 331-4014
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If you have raced and loved our Winter Trail Fest Race (east or west), you will love our complimentary race, The Summer Trail Fest Ultra and Half Marathon. This event will be a well aided, amazingly well marked event. Taking place in the center of southern Michigan at Sleepy Hollow State Park will allow both our East side and West side racers to compete. We have got an amazing medal that will connect magnetically to the WTF event medal! Since we have comfy, warm hoodies for our winter race, we will have awesome summer running singlets for our summer event! Athletes will also be treated to a great summer grill out following the race. Having a tough time getting motivated? We have got a solution: STFU and Run! Worried you‘re not fast enough? We have a 20 minute per mile cutoff! Not ready for an ultra? That’s fine, sign up for the half marathon! It’s time to quit with the excuses and STFU and Run. The Summer Trail Fest Ultra and Half Marathon is a great way to get yourself motivated for 2021. Paired with our unique Winter Trail Fest Half marathon and 5 mile medal it will be easy to say, WTF, I might as well STFU and Run in 2021!

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